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♥Name: Jon Newton

♥Age: 18

♥6 favorite bands: Give up the Ghost, Fear Before the March of Flames, Underoath, Unearth, Between the Buried and Me, Taking Back Sunday.

♥One user you promoted us to: boombanda 

♥Why should we accept you? 1. I'm hot; 2. I have lime green chucks which are going to be signed by FBTMOF tonight; 3. I can hold alot of alcohol.

♥Tell me a joke: Two muffins were sitting in an oven. Muffin 1 turns to Muffin 2 and says, "Damn, it's hot in here!" Muffin 2 replies, "Holy shit. A talking muffin!"

♥Do you think your hot? Hotter than Brad Pitt.

♥Do you think the mods are hot? The mod pics aren't working. I'll say yes just to get accepted, though. ;D

♥Post your lame pictures now. plus a 100x100 picture for the user info page.
Don't worry. Only one large, and one 100x100.



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